Mobile-driven marketing: Create for the speed of feed

As mobile phones become a natural extension of human bodies and the content we consume becomes part of our daily routines, brands must accept the fact that mobile is one of the most effective ways to grab attention. Since scrolling by is always an option on mobile, advertising must have value for people for it to have value for business. Powerful ideas and excellence in craft are critical to truly establish a connection. So, how do brands rise to make their voices heard above the buzz and chatter of almost infinite content that people have at their fingertips?
That’s why creative matters. Short form creatives even more so.

Mobile Creativity: Why is it important? Why must you think about it differently?

  1. Speed on mobile
    We thrive on our need for speed with our trains, planes, automobiles or even our ideas and information moving faster with time. The acceleration didn’t skip our customers and they have become harder to catch. It takes all of 2.5s to consume content on desktop and 1.7s to consume content on mobile.1
  2. Gets personal faster
    Mobile is our closest device and that makes a difference in how we perceive things on mobile. Our brains are wired to consume information better on mobile leading to longer attention spans to mobile ads as compared to TV ads.2
  3. Captures attention quickly
    Decreasing attention span is an unavoidable reality. The average human attention span has declined from 13s in 2000 to 8s in 2013. This is lower than the attention span of a goldfish at 9s3. It takes a person 0.25s to recall a content seen on their Facebook feed4.
  4. Content on mobile is the future
    The shift to video is massive. 75% of all mobile data traffic will be video by 20205. Since video on Facebook and Instagram is social, personalized and immersive — they are the best places to create share and come together with video.

Creatives made for Facebook: How effective are they?

The best marketers, whether they’re digital native, direct response or brand, are working with the diverse consumer behaviors in the new mobile medium, not against them. With vision, a little flexibility, and continued experimentation from the best creative minds in the business, we’ll find ourselves at the threshold of a new golden age of advertising where mobile creativity and short form creativity is gaining stronger ground as compared to traditional advertising campaigns. Here are some examples of businesses who created a lot with a little and how they did it to get maximum brand impact.
  1. Short form, High Impact — Magnum Pakistan
    Magnum Pakistan ran a series of short form creatives like GIFs and short videos to drive their brand results. Their campaign achieved an 11-point lift in message association and a 10-point lift in brand awareness.
  2. Telling taller tales with vertical videos — Pepsi India
    People watch videos casually and on the fly — and they rarely turn their phones sideways to do it. Pepsi used Vertical Video ads for one of their campaigns and achieved a 10-point lift in ad recall.
  3. Stories that disappear, impact that lasts — Justice & Care
    Justice & Care is an NGO that has rescued over 4500 girls from human trafficking. They used the ephemeral nature of Instagram Stories to show a girl’s horrifying ordeal in a story that counted down in real-time. Using the medium to break the apathy and build awareness towards the brave work they were doing, the story and the girl disappeared after the 24 hours were up and the campaign gathered 18 million impressions in under two weeks and reached 8 million people driving 94% more volunteers.

So, how do you start to make great creatives for Facebook?

If marketers with fixed budgets are going to meaningfully connect with audiences and drive growth, they have to keep pace in this new, complex landscape and optimise for mobile content. All of this raises the question: what’s the best way forward for mobile video adverts? How can advertisers wrangle the complexity of this new, fragmented space and evolve as quickly as these platforms evolve?
In this environment of fast, high-volume video watching, we want to help you make better creative decisions and stronger connections with people. We have outlined our core recommendations below:
  1. Consider the consumer behavior to determine assets to make:
    Match the way people consume video – be it short ‘on the go’ videos or ‘lean forward’, which refers to the desire for people to interact with video. Or tap in to ‘lean back’ which is a growing behavior we’re seeing of people consuming longer videos in a planned environment. 

    View original size
  2. Create stories that resonate: Your content can be as short as it can be, and as long as it needs to be. People move through content quickly, but they’re willing to spend more time with videos that resonate with them. Tell your story as quickly as you can whilst still getting your core message across.
  3. Creative Consideration for mobile video:
    1. Consider delivering your message in 10 seconds or less: Cut the fluff and get to the point faster. Some of our most successful advertisers have consolidated their video messages to under 10 seconds. By matching people’s attention on mobile, you can increase how often your video adverts are watched all the way through.
    2. Frame your story for stunning visuals: Most people hold their phones vertically, so horizontal videos don’t maximize the screen space. Try using taller videos with 4:5 or 9:16 ratios. Keep your product front and center and visually emphasize the qualities that make your brand valuable.
    3. Design for sound off but delight with sound on: People can choose whether to keep the sound on or off. Hence, the asset needs to work for both situations. Tell your story visually. Use text and graphics to help deliver your message. Try captions to get the message across.
    4. Play and leverage Facebook formats and tools: In the spirit of playing more, we encourage advertisers to test and learn how to map video elements to people’s behavior. Creative Hub can help you experiment with adverts, preview them on mobile and share them with colleagues and clients. With Creative Hub, you can send a mock-up to your app and experience it on any device. Tap, scroll and play with it as though it’s live. Or use tools like Facebook’s Mobile Studio that help you build great work without breaking the bank. It can be daunting and difficult to find the resources to build ads. Which is why we would like to show you that there is one piece of technology we all have access to that makes it easy to create great ads — the mobile phone. Whether it is re-purposing your existing assets and turning them into great ads or building new assets from scratch, Mobile Studio is a smart way to go. 
    5. Finally, keep practicing and improving. Today’s best-performing video advertisers use thousands of video variants and test them on a much more frequent basis. There’s no one-size-fits-all way to make great mobile video adverts — different audiences respond to different things. And the more you know about your audience, the better work you’ll create.

Here is your checklist for a Facebook creative:


    ✔ Produce thumb-stopping content
    ✔ Establish context upfront
    ✔ Integrate your branding upfront in under 3 sec

    ✔ Tell your story visually
    ✔ Use text and graphics
    ✔ Try captions

    ✔ Explore different frames
    ✔ Highlight key elements
    ✔ Play with dimension

    ✔ Experiment
    ✔ Keep it simple
    ✔ Push the boundaries
So go out there, experiment, play, and most importantly have fun.

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