In the recent interview, Google Head of Webmaster Tools has revealed its most important factors for ranking pages and its pretty simple.

  1. Good Useful Content.
  2. Links connecting the user to more useful materials.

This doesn’t mean that you should look more towards building backlinks to your website.You should look for backlinks but more important is that how to use links at proper places to help users more and more. The most important things for any search engine is to give results that are most useful to their user. See all google cares about is users and getting users a useful content, So focusing more time on creating good content will be more helpful in the page ranking of your website.

Now the question is How to Create Great Contents?

Creating a good content doesn’t mean that more and more words to the article. Good content should have the visual attention of the users, so how to create an attentive content. Here is the list of few things which you should always keep in mind while creating a content.

1. Use Images


Using images related to your content have a great impact on users, they are more likely to read the whole content if they would find few images related to the topic. For example, in the above image, a user is more likely to see her designs instead of description about the designs. So putting an image with description is more likely to get users attention than simply putting the descriptions.Like in online shopping a customer is more likely to get attracted by an image of the product. So using images is very useful for creating great contents.

2. Make a Video




In recent studies, it is observed that old people prefer to watch a video than to read the whole content so, creating or linking a video related to the content is more likely to get users interest than words.

3. Create List of Important points


While many prefer to watch videos the study has also revealed that teens are more likely to get the important points from the content lists. So it’s very important to create your content always in the list form so that anyone looking for a point can quickly get that.

Things to keep in mind

  • The more detailed your list is, the better.
  • Long lists are good too

4.  Link Pages



Linking your page, it’s simply a post that provides links to great resources around the web. The great thing about link posts is that they spread link love to other sites, So linking your users to more content is always a good idea as it creates an authority of your website and establishes your leadership within the field. Although not necessary, it’s a good way to put your own spin on a topic or add a bit of value to the discussion. Besides, if a post is particularly good (or bad), you may want to point this out.


From SEO prospect, more type of content you use more powerful becomes your authority. Now go plan a content according to you business requirement and don’t forget to share this.

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