There are many free SEO tools which can help you to optimize your website but today i am going to show how to use these 5 Free SEO tools to easily optimize your website without anyone’s help. These tools can be easily used by yourself & you don’t need any expert to optimize your website.

1. Google PageSpeed Insights


Google PageSpeed Insights is free page analysis tool provided by google. You can easily use this tools

1. Go to Google PageSpeed Insights

2. Type your website URL address in the provided area and Enter.

In few seconds it will analyse your website and will show your webpage score. It will show your website score for desktop as well as for the Mobile version of your Website, if your page score is not good then you can easily optimize the things suggested by the site. This small changes will surely leverage your page rankings.

2. XML sitemap 


While building your website you provide a HTML sitemap at the bottom of the page for better user experience. HTML sitemap looks something like thisapplecom-html-sitemap.png

Well XML sitemap is as important as HTML sitemap. HTML sitemap helps users to browse the website different parts  similarly XML sitemap will help the Crawlers to easily crawl through your  website. Let us see how to make XML sitemap for any website

1.  Go to XML sitemap Generator .

2. Type your website URL on the given index and simply press generate

After generating sitemap simply upload the XML sitemap to your website along index page. This sitemap will simply help the crawlers to generate a overview of your website for search engines.

3. Google Webmaster Tool & Bing Webmaster


These tools are very useful if you use them right. They both provide constant website analysis, alerts and error reports for your website basically these tools provides the information about what search engines thinks of your website. both these tools provide a small set of code which you can paste to your website’s main page and if you are using WordPress than you can automatically add the code by a plugin like Jetpack.



There are hundreds of keyword research tool available on the web but is the most useful because it is free and it helps you find actual phrases people use to find information.It provides a comprehensive list of highly relevant keyword suggestions to create and improve your message and connect with your audience better. Keyword research is one of the most important part that you don’t want to miss if you want to rank at the first page of the search engine.

5. in an Incognito Window


This will  let you discover auto-fill opportunities. Incognito mode also be helpful to see where you truly rank on a results page for a certain term. You can see most famous and regular keyword to use for your next post or content.

These 5 Free SEO tools will surely help to leverage your page ranking but to be on page one of the search results you may need an expert

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