Why you need to SEO optimise your website?

In the world of internet there are thousands of website launching on daily basis so its very hard to get people to your website and if your website do not come to the first page of the search engine then its a serious problem for your business. According to google 78% of its traffic is generated from the first page of the search query and 72% are from top 5 search results now you get my point

  • First thing you need to understand is that google or any search engine look over 200 factors before ranking a page, so if you are too busy with your business you need a SEO expert to take care of these ranking factors.
  • Basically there are four parts of SEO

On page factors :-  

There are many things to optimise at the page level like optimising your image size, minifying your css and javascript to diffrent description.

Off page factors :-

There are over 30 off page factors that affect  your search rankings. Optimising these alone can help you leverage your website ranking.

Technical SEO :-

This is very important part to keep in mind while making any changes to your existing page or post or any kind of link. Technical SEO is most important factor of all because it help the crawlers to crawl through your website. Without this your all the SEO work will be gone.
So after this you are surely going to audit you website and get it optimised.

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